Virim Infotech’s transformation industry solutions combine a distributed delivery model for business processes along with the advisory knowledge of our domain experts. The transportation industry is highly competitive and recent changes in customer expectations coupled with the slowdown in global economies have thrown up new challenges related to managing effective networks, containing costs and improving efficiency. Our solutions enable companies in the transportation sector, both asset-based and non-asset based organizations, to stay ahead in their market by optimizing their revenues and costs while helping them deliver exceptional service to their customers.

Transportation companies face a number of unique accounting challenges not encountered by firms in other industries. Apart from standard accounting needs, transportation companies have special requirements based on extensive equipment investments, as well as planning and billing for transportation services. With the rising costs of transportation today it is even more important to find ways to reduce costs while still meeting the delivery requirements of customers. Our web based software offerings are used in all sections of the transportation industry. We ensure that our web portals are secured to deliver personalized content over the web. This allows everyone to have the right information at the right time, thereby increasing satisfaction and strengthening loyalty. Virim Infotech focuses on technologies and systems for transportation, logistics, and the mover/storage industries. Our expertise in specific transportation workflows, processes, systems and technologies ensures a faster ramp-up and domain-intensive understanding.

Benefits of our Transportation services Software are as follows:

  • Database, data-warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Document/image management and archiving
  • Accounting systems and interfaces
  • Barcode, Auto ID and RFID
  • POD signature capture
  • Reduce inventory loss
  • Mobile Dispatch and Delivery Solutions
  • Asset Billing Solution

Virim Infotech’s staff has proven experience in building solution for transportation industries and this leads to handle and resolve issues specific to transportation, and prevent their associated impact.
Virim Infotech specializes in optimizing solutions for various transportation problems based on its impact and has broad experience in defining and implementing rich solutions for various transportation companies. We have catered to various clients providing solutions ranging from route scheduling, fleet maintenance, fleet tracking, and GPS solutions to real time dispatch and workforce planning.

We have developed various solutions that target following segments in the transportation industry:

  • Automated Scheduling Solution.
  • Dispatching Systems.
  • Route Optimization.
  • Fleet Tracking and Maintenance.
  • GPS Tracking and AVL Systems.
  • Human Resource Management Systems.
  • Airline Billing Systems.
  • Spy Tracking Services.